Our Specialists

Catanzariti_160x200Frank J. Catanzariti, M.D. Specializes: Sports Medicine, Joint Replacement & General Orthopaedic Surgery
McAfee_160x200Paul C. McAfee, M.D. MBA. Specializes: Scoliosis & Spine Surgery
Wolock_160x200Bruce S. Wolock, M.D. Specializes: Hand, Elbow & Shoulder Surgery and General Orthopedic Surgery
phys_dalury2014-2David F. Dalury, M.D. Specializes: Hip & Knee Replacement
Fedder_160x200Ira L. Fedder, M.D. Specializes: Operative and Non-Operative Care of Spine Problems & General Orthopedic Surgery
phys_mulliken2Brian D. Mulliken, M.D. Specializes: Total Joint Replacement & General Orthopedics
912_osteria1-2Vincent M. Osteria, M.D. Specializes: Musculoskeletal Pain Management
Brodie_160x200Jeffrey T. Brodie, M.D. Specializes: Foot and Ankle Surgery & General Orthopedic Surgery
Marion_160x200Michael J. Marion, M.D. Specializes: Complex problems of the Hand & General Orthopedics
Codd_160x200Timothy P. Codd, M.D. Specializes: Shoulder & Elbow Problems
Tredennick_160x200Todd J. Tredinnick, M.D.  Specializes: Sports Medicine and Arthroscopic Surgery of the Shoulder and Knee
phys_tarantino2_2014_200-160Scott J. Tarantino, M.D. Specializes: Minimally Invasive Surgery for Hip & Knee Replacements, Fractures & Sports Injuries
R. Winakur_160x200Richard D. Winakur, M.D. Specializes: Sports Injuries & Trauma, General Orthopaedic Surgery
Matthews_160x200E. Craig Matthews, M.D. Specializes: Sports & General Orthopaedic Surgery
Detterline_160x200Alvin J. Detterline, M.D. Specializes: Sports Medicine, Arthroscopy including Knee, Shoulder, Hip, Elbow, Ankle & General Orthopaedics
Clough_160x200Mark V. Clough, M.D. Specializes: Musculoskeletal Problems, Sports Medicine, Total Knee Replacement, General Orthopaedics
Dabbah_160x200Michael D. Dabbah, M.D. Specializes: Spine Surgery, Operative & Non-Operative Care of all Neck & Back Pain
McCambridge_160x200Teri Metcalf McCambridge, M.D. Specializes: Sports Medicine including Overuse Injuries, Concussion Management
phys_th_schroderDavid Schroder, M.D. Specializes: Total & Partial Joint Replacement & Minimally Invasive Surgery
Dr.-Howard_023-1William H.B. Howard, M.D. Specializes: General Orthopaedics, Sports Medicine
phys_no-photoRobyn Zicker, PA-C Specializes: Lower Extremity, Foot & Ankle, General Orthopaedics
Jerrems_160x200Dan Jerrems, PA-C Specializes: Non-Operative Neck & Back Disorders.
Chen_160x200Lun Chen, PA-C, M.S., CHN-MD Specializes: Pain Management and Scoliosis & Spine Disorders
Maeshesiollo_160x200Greg Marchesiello, PA-C, M.M.S. Specializes: Operative Treatment of Hip, Knee, Foot and Ankle Disorders
Fontaine_160x200Kathryn Schweier, PA-C Specializes: Evaluation and Treatment of Spine Disorders
Mulford_160x200Mary Kathryn (Kathy) Mulford, RN, MS, CRNP Specializes: Spine and Upper Extremity Problems and Osteoporosis
Holloran_160x200Mary Jo Holloran, MS, CRNP Specializes: General Orthopaedics, Upper & Lower Extremity, Fracture Care
Chotikul_0298_160x200Liana Chotikul, MSN, CRNP Specializes: Evaluation and Treatment of Scoliosis & Spine Disorders

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