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Dr. Dalury Published in The Journal of Knee Surgery

Baltimore Hip & Knee Specialist - David Dalury, M.D.Dr. David Dalury, Towson Orthopaedic Associates’ Knee Replacement specialist, was recently published in Thieme Medical Publishers’ Journal of Knee Surgery.

Right TKR Patients Treated with Enhanced Pain and Rehabilitation Protocols Can Drive at 2 Weeks

“An important milestone in the recovery following total knee replacement (TKR) is the ability to return to driving. With advances in pain control and the widespread introduction of rapid rehab programs, we hypothesized that the ability to drive would also return sooner than had been traditionally observed. In our group of consecutive right TKR patients, using a driving simulator, we showed that at the 2-week mark, 36 of the 40 patients tested had returned to their preoperative driving capabilities and the other 4 had reached baseline at 3 weeks. While the eventual decision to return to driving is complex and dependent on many factors, we conclude that one of the benefits of enhanced pain and rehab protocols is that patients undergoing right TKR can return to driving in most instances at the 2-week mark rather than the traditional 6-week mark.”

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Specializing in total knee and hip replacement, Dr. Dalury and his dedicated team have created a rapid recovery program focused on enhanced pain management and early return to daily activities. Click here to learn more about Dr. Dalury»

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