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Patient Features & Feedback

Below you’ll find special features and feedback from Towson Orthopaedic Associates patients. Please feel free to click on the PDF and video links for additional information.

Jim Williams: Dr McAfee’s Patient

Patient Jim Williams Recently Received Lowell Thomas Award

2013 – Jim Williams was recently awarded the Lowell Thomas Award by the Explorers Club. Jim received the award as one of six people who have mastered risk and uncertainty and have managed to bring back and share the valuable lessons gained from field experience a great feat for any lifelong explorer…

John Hatch: Dr. Mulliken’s Patient, Knee Replacement

Happy Trails for Hiker… After Rotating Knee Replacement
“If people tell John Hatch to, ‘Take a hike’, he is more than happy to–especially because he can. Two years ago, the avid hiker, who leads major Boy Scout expeditions and gives lessons at REI, had trouble even walking from his house to his mailbox.”  Read More…

Pam: Dr. McAfee’s Patient, Charite Disc

My Fastest Ever

“Hi Dr. McAfee, Merry Christmas, I am so excited to tell you and your staff that I continue to train and run races. October 18, 2009 I ran a marathon in Massachusetts in a time of 4 hours and 23 mins. My fastest ever.” Read More…

Ginnie: Dr. Brodie’s Patient, Double Ankle Fusion

The Sky’s the Limit

“61-year-old Ginnie S.’s activities of daily living came to a standstill last fall. “I had excruciating pain in both ankles.” Read More…

Elliot: Dr. Detterline’s Patient, Meniscus Repair

Maximizing Function After a Torn Meniscus

“It was a hot August day on the Calvert Hall School fields and the highly-ranked varsity soccer team was scrimmaging. Midfielder Elliott Crompton aggressively jumped up.” Read More…

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