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UM St. Joseph Spine Institute:
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Testimonials for Lun Chen

Dear Mr. Lun Chen: It has been almost exactly one year since we put the care of our son Toby Z. in your hands. Toby suffered broken vertebrae and an injured neck. Putting Toby in your care is the best decision we have ever made. We cannot thank you enough for the excellent care you gave our son. We feel particularly lucky to have found a man with your knowledge, skill and expertise particularly after the poor care Toby received at Johns Hopkins. He was taken to Hopkins by ambulance. No MRI was done, no pain medicine was administered and we were told that there was in fact no injury. We are extremely grateful to your attention to detail and excellent treatment plan. While your view was not shared by others it cannot be argued that Toby made a full and complete recovery and that his compression fracture healed beautifully… Kindest Regards — Charles and Nancy C., Street, MD

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Lun Chen sees patients at the following locations:

UM St. Joseph Spine Institute

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