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Mary Jo Holloran, MS, CRNP and Cat Volkmann, RN honored by Baltimore Magazine for "Excellence in Nursing"March 1, 2018
Towson Orthopaedic Nurses Honored by Baltimore Magazine
Congratulations to our Baltimore Magazine’s “Excellence in Nursing” winners, Mary Jo Holloran, MS, CRNP and Cat Volkmann, RN!

February 19, 2018
Orthopaedic Care, Physical Therapy & Cardiovascular Therapy in Your Community
We’re proud to provide specialists from Towson Orthopaedic Associates, Towson Sports Medicine (Rosedale) & UM St. Joseph Cardiovascular Associates for 2 informative seminars…

UM St. Joseph Medical CenterJanuary 19th, 2018
SJMC Voted Among Top 20 Hospitals in the US for Hip & Knee Replacement
UM SJMC Voted #17 Top Hospital in the United States for Total Hip and Total Knee Replacement.

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Paul C. McAfee, MD, MBA

Dr. McAfee - Maryland Spinal Reconstructive Surgeon

Dr. Paul C. McAfee’s areas of expertise are in spinal reconstructive surgery and general orthopaedics. Chief of Spinal Reconstructive Surgery at the University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center in Towson, Dr. McAfee is a respected leader in spinal surgery. He is recognized as one of the pioneers in the field of disk replacement, having performed more than 200 motion-preservation procedures in 10 countries and having invented a cervical disk replacement. His early pioneering work on CT scans for burst fractures led to a better understanding of implant behavior first with Harrington rods and, subsequently, with many other devices. He and his lab have set the standard on biomechanical testing of implant and construct performance. More recently, they have done pioneering work on disk endplate interface behavior and the effects of wear debris around the spine.

Dr. McAfee received his B.A. degree from the University of Rochester, and his M.D. from the State University of New York at Syracuse. He completed his surgery training at the University of Virginia. His post graduate training was completed at Syracuse and Case Western Reserve University. He is fellowship-trained in spine surgery.

What Dr. McAfee’s Patients Have to Say…

  • Dr. McAfee:  I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your awesome team for the wonderful care I received during my recent surgery. From start date to current date, I must say that you are a wonderful team of professionals!  I never shared this with you but I have been a massage therapist for 20 yrs. and 11 of those years have been at my current place of employment, Wellspan Health-York Hospital. Because of my years of experience, I was asked to be part of our “Spine Team.” I have been an active member of this team for 5 yrs. so naturally, I “signed up” for surgery with them…

    — Beth S.

    …Read More 

  • Lorrie:  Just touching base with you after almost four years since my C6-C7 surgery on October 2009. I just referred my pastor’s wife to Dr. McAfee and decided to look at your web site again. Thanks again for the help that you all afforded me. I can work out to the max on 15 machines at the gym, water ski, snow ski, ride ATV, do construction/carpentry, and so on. Before my surgery, I was told by a physical therapist and pain medicine provider that I would have to give up those things forever…

    — Armin R., Annville, PA

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Important Developments

Baltimore Magazine TOP DOCS: Orthopedic Spine Surgery

top_doc_balt2012April, 2014 — The Annual Baltimore Magazine “top Docs” Issue Honors Towson Orthopaedic Associates Physicians

Congratulations to Dr. McAfee, who was honored in the November 2013 “Top Docs” issue of Baltimore Magazine! Approximately 10,000 physicians throughout the region were surveyed to determine the final “Top Docs” list. Read More…

Dr. Paul McAfee Named in Top 1% of Nation’s Physicians by US News and World Report (Health)

news_mcaf_dalury_us_newsIt’s been announced by U.S. News and World Report that Dr. Paul McAfee has been named in the nation’s TOP 1% by a peer nomination process. View Listings…

PCM Cervical Disk System

Learn more about this revolutionary motion preservation system for the cervical spine, Visit our Video Library to watch video.

Dr McAfee Named Top Doctor by US News & World Report

top-doctor-plastic-surgerySeptember, 2012: Dr. Paul McAfee has been named “Top Doctor” by U.S. News & World Report. Each year thousands of the nation’s best doctors are identified based on a peer nomonation process.

To see Dr. McAfee’s listing… Read More

Climber’s Comeback: On Mt. Everest After Back Surgery

news_mcaf_article3_2012-300-1Jim Williams of Jackson Hole, Wyo., has his own exploration travel company and became the first person to guide the “Seven Summits” — the world’s highest mountains — within one year. After 30 years of “skiing, climbing, and teaching outdoor skills,” he says that his back gave out during a Mt. Everest climb in 2010, requiring him to be helicoptered to medical care.

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Full Throttle

Jeff Connolly was disabled from a herniated disk with pressure on his spinal cord. Dr. Paul McAfee and his team did a PCM disk replacement. Read MORE…


Running Races

Dr. McAfee, Merry Christmas, I am so excited to tell you and your staff that I continue to train and run races. October 18, 2009 I ran a marathon in Massachusetts in a time of 4 hours and 23 min’s. My fastest ever. Read MORE…


Exploradus Everest Expedition, 2011

To view this article please visit Exploradus Website.

Housecall: Marching Tall Thanks to Scoliosis Surgery

housec_wint11Adolescent Scoliosis Can Appear Suddenly

Jan., 2011 — When the Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket Marching Band director reminds the musicians to stand up straight during practice, clarinet player Sarah Markiewicz sometimes gets a little grin on her face. She’s not annoyed–she’s happy–because she can stand up straight. Read MORE…

St. Joseph Surgeon Straightens Crooked Spines

news_mcaf_article9_2010_thBy George P. Matysek Jr., Catholic Review

Sept., 2010 — Sarah Markiewicz was sitting on her living room floor a year ago when her father, Jeff Markiewicz, noticed that one of her shoulders seemed to be sticking out.

“I had complained for years about her never sitting up straight,” Jeff Markiewicz recalled. “We thought that maybe this was more than just not sitting up straight.”

Prestigious Award:  “Best in Spine Technologies 2009″

November 23, 2009 — Dr. Paul C. McAfee recently received an award in the prestigious category of “Motion Preservation” from Orthopaedics this Week, the industry’s leading Journal. PCM (Porous Coated Motion) Cervical Disk Replacement, which Dr. McAfee invented received the award for “Best in Spine Technologies 2009″.

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Research Grants and Awards (Upd. 4/19/2010)

1991 North American Spine Society AcroMed Award For Spinal Research – Biomechanical Analysis of Lumbosacral Fixation.

1989 VOLVO AWARD for Spinal Research] Device-Related Osteoporosis with Spinal Instrumentation.

National Institutes of Health – National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Diseases.
Principal Investigator: Paul C. McAfee, M.D.
F.I.R.S.T. Award = l R29 AR38489-01.
Project Title: “The Histomorphometry and Biomechanics of Spinal Instrumentation.”
Amount: $345,000.,
Funding Period: May 1, 1987, to April 30, 1992.

Orthopedic Research and Education Fund
Principal Investigator: Paul C. McAfee, M.D.
Career Development Award
Amount: $150,000
Funding Period: March 1, 1988, to February 28, 1991.

Johns Hopkins Institutional Grant
Principal Investigator: Paul C. McAfee, M.D.
Project Title: “Biomechanical Analysis of Posterior Instrumentation Systems following Decompressive Laminectomy. An Unstable Calf Spine Model.”
Amount: $10,000
Funding Period: April 1, 1987, to September 30, 1987.

Hendrick’s Fund for Medical Research: State University of New York. Lubicky, J.P. and McAfee, Paul C. Project Title: The Effect of Luque Instrumentation on the Development of Spontaneous Spinal Fusions. Amount: $8,600.

The Research Foundation of the State University of New York. Lubicky, J.P.; Spadero, J.A., and McAfee, Paul C. Project Title: Spinal Cord Monitoring System for Use in Spinal Surgery. Amount: $2,500.

Hendrick’s Fund for Medical Research: State University of New York. Cady, R.B.; Spadero, J.A., and McAfee, Paul C. Project Title: Growth Plate Cartilage. Amount: $8,800.

Keim Foundation Eastern Orthopaedic Association, SPINAL RESEARCH AWARD (October, 1981). McAfee, Paul C.; Yuan, H.A. and Lasda, N.A. Project Title: The Use of the Middle Osteoligamentous Column in the Classification of Unstable Thoracolumbar Fractures. Amount: $5,000.

Eastern Orthopaedic Association, FOUNDER’S AWARD (October, 1981). McAfee, Paul C.; Yuan, H.A. and Lasda, N.A. Project Title: The Unstable Burst Fracture. Amount: $l,300.

American Orthopaedic Association, NORTH AMERICAN TRAVELING FELLOWSHIP. (October, 1983). Amount: $1,500, plus travel expenses.

Scoliosis Research Society, RUSSELL HIBBS AWARD. San Diego, California, (September, 1985). Project Title: Nutritional Deficiencies After Staged Anterior and Posterior Spinal Reconstructive Surgery.

Blaustein Spinal Research Award (July 1, 1986 to June 30, 1987). Project Title: The Histomorphometry of Spinal Instrumentation Techniques. Amount: $35,000.

Blaustein Spinal Research Award (July 1, 1987 to June 30, 1987). Project Title: Dual Photon Absorptiometry of Spinal Fusions. Amount: $35,000.

Glasser Fellowship for Spinal Surgery (November, 1986). Fellowship with Klause Zielke, M.D., in Bad Wildungen, West Germany and Participation in the Fiftieth Anniversary Meeting of the German-Speaking World.

Japanese Orthopaedic Fellowship to Sapporo, Japan (July, 1987). Fellowship with Kiyoshi Kaneda. Memorial Lecturer at Fortieth Anniversary of the Founding of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Hokkaido University of Medicine, Sapporo, Japan.

Hokkaido University Fellowship (July l997). Guest Lecturer at 50th Anniversary Meeting of the Japanese Orthopaedic Association.

Scoliosis Research Society, MOE Exhibit Award, New York City, New York (September 1998). Project Title: An In Vitro Study Investigating the Stability of Reconstruction Methods Following Total Spondylectomy.