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April 6, 2017

Total Hip Replacement: Is the Direct Anterior Approach the Best Option?


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In our Patient Forms section you’ll find easy online access to printable “New Patient” forms, consent and health insurance forms as well as patient spine, shoulder, and knee questionnaires, and physical forms for athletes. This tool makes it possible to quickly print important health forms prior to your office visit with one of our orthopaedic physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners.

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We cover ALL aspects of orthopaedic care!  Our “Patient Education” section offers comprehensive information about conditions and treatment of the shoulder and upper body, elbow, hand and wrist, spine, hip, knee, foot and ankle. You’ll find an online knowledge base regarding broken bones, injuries, diseases, and conditions along with available treatment, surgery, health and safety information to help you make informed decisions.

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Towson Orthopaedic Associates’ world-renowned specialists provide full-service care to patients from all over the state of Maryland, east coast, mid-Atlantic and referrals from across the U.S. and abroad. Many of our specialists have been named “Top Docs” by Baltimore Magazine… some on multiple occasions. Click to read about each of our physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners…

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Left untreated, foot and ankle arthritis can grow worse, becoming so excruciating that you can no longer walk even short distances. Learn the facts:
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A slip on the ice can lead to a simple bruise or a serious fracture.

These tips from the orthopaedic surgeons at Towson Orthopaedic Associates can help you tell the difference.

A bruise is a painful collection of blood in the area of injury. The affected body part could be tender to the touch and may be accompanied by a color change to the skin (red, purple, green, yellow). The pain should subside in a few days, as should the discoloration of the skin.
However, a bruise might be an underlying sign of a fracture (especially after a fall), so be sure to check these signs and symptoms of a fracture to help determine if you need further medical assistance:
• Significant bruising or swelling over a bone
• Severe pain that is worse with pressure or movement
• Limited or complete loss of function or movement of a body part
• Loss of sensation or tingling in the affected area
• Deformity to a bone or any breaks in the skin in which bone might be visible

Remember - These simple tips could reduce your risk from the start:
• Take your time – do not rush over areas that may be icy
• Wear proper footwear – rubber soled shoes and flat footwear get the best traction
• Take slower and shorter steps
• Bend your knees and lean slightly forward
• Look where you place your feet
• Do not carry a lot of weight
• Keep your hands free and out of your pockets
• Use caution getting in and out of vehicles
• Hold on to handrails, vehicles, etc. for support
• Use floor mats after entering a building
• Avoid shady areas where ice is more prevalent
• Avoid hills and steps when possible
• Use caution walking over areas with a light dusting of snow, as they may be hiding ice below
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Towson Ortho Patient Forms
Towson Ortho Patient Forms

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hp-treat-gen-orthoWith 8 office and hospital locations in Baltimore County and Harford County Maryland, Towson Orthopaedic Associates provides extensively trained, board-certified surgeons and specialists, who are committed to excellence at every step. We treat a comprehensive range of orthopaedic concerns, from disorders and diseases to overuse injuries and acute traumas, utilizing the most advanced techniques and technology available.

Our commitment to compassionate care, personalized attention, and customized treatment plans are the foundation of our patient-centered philosophy, which is designed to optimize your outcome and achieve long-term health and mobility…

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