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Reverse Shoulder Replacement Gives Welder a New Grip on Life

Maryland Health MattersDr. Timothy Codd is featured in the Fall 2014 issue of Maryland’s Health Matters.

You’ve heard of knee and hip replacements, but did you know that severely worn shoulders can be replaced successfully, too? The Food and drug administration approved a unique surgery, called reverse shoulder replacement, in 2003. However, it’s only offered by a limited number of orthopaedic surgeons who have mastered the training and have the expertise to perform this advanced surgery.

Before Howard Badders found his way to orthopaedic surgeon Timothy Codd, MD, of Towson Orthopaedic Associates, part of University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center, another doctor told him that nothing could be done for his deteriorated shoulder. Badders, a retired farmer and welder who could barely use his arm due to years of wear and tear, didn’t believe it, so he called UM sJMc’s physician referral line for an expert second opinion.

A Pioneering Surgeon

He connected with Dr. Codd, who has performed close to 500 reverse shoulder replacements and helped design the newest surgical techniques, which provide excellent results for patients like Badders.

» Read more about how he helped a local welder rediscover his craft with reverse shoulder replacement surgery.

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