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Sports Physicals at Towson Orthopaedic Associates

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For more than 40 years, parents have counted on Towson Orthopaedic Associates (TOA) and Towson Sports Medicine (TSM) for their child’s pre-participation sports physical. A key part of TOA and TSM’s outreach has been to provide physicals at many schools throughout the community they serve. However, due to COVID safety restrictions, group gatherings are limited and therefore, physicals at schools have been put on hold. In their place, convenient appointments are being offered at our Bellona Avenue location.


TOA and TSM are following all COVID safety precautions outlined by the CDC.


Parents can call 410-337-7900 and ask for Dr. McCambridge’s office. There is a fee of $50.


To save time, complete the health history form before the appointment. Click here to download the form

At the Joint Preservation Center at Towson Orthopaedic Associates, we understand all patients have unique needs and deserve specialized treatment.

We work closely with each patient to create a personalized treatment plan to relieve pain, return function, and prevent future joint deterioration.

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