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Testimonials for Mary Jo Holloran

5/26/22—Dear Ms. Holloran: I don’t know how to begin to say thank you for seeing me for my knee injury during your lunch break! As you know, I am new in the area and I am extremely grateful to Linda for pointing me in your direction and for your time and expertise! I was able to care for Noah on Tuesday without skipping a beat! Your kindness will always be remembered! With sincere appreciation, Donna C.

Dear Ms. Holloran: Each and every gift we receive at University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center is deeply meaningful, becoming part of our legacy and ensuring that we will continue to provide excellent medical care for years to come. Through the kindness of (an) individual, a donation has been made to UM St. Joseph in your honor, Amanda M. T.

Dear Mary Jo: Congratulations on being named one of the 2018 Excellence in Nursing winners for the Baltimore region. Jean Watson states ‘Caring is the essence of nursing.’ Caring calls for courage, humility, authenticity, and loving-kindness, all characteristics of an Excellence in Nursing winner. Notre Dame of Maryland University, School of Nursing faculty, staff, and I honor your untiring dedication to enhance and improve health care and education. Best wishes for continued success as you create, attain, and maintain caring and healing environments for individuals, families, and communities. — Sincerely, Kathleen Z. Wisser, Ph.D., RN, CNE, Dean Notre Dame of Maryland University School of Nursing

Mary Jo: This is just a small token of thanks for all your kindness and understanding and compassion regarding the care of my knee. Wishing your many blessings. — Gratefully, Elizabeth (Libby) S.

Please thank Mary Jo for always answering my questions — Sincerely, Yolanda K.

Dear Mary Jo: There’s a sincerity in everything you do that makes it clear that nursing is far more than just a job to you… You’re a wonderful nurse, and Nurses Day is the perfect time to let you know just how much you’re appreciated. Thank you very much for all your care. — Margie M.

Dear Mary Jo: Thank you (for allowing me) to shadow you in practice for two clinical days. I found the experience helpful for future practice. Also, thank you very much for allowing me to have several journals and providing me with two reference texts to borrow. I look forward to working with you in the future. Thank you again. — Sincerely, Brittany K.

Dear Mary-Jo, Yule Tide Greetings: Thank you so much for the cortisone shot that you gave me. It really did help alot. Though I still have some discomfort and must walk slowly. It’s cut the unbearable pain alot and also given me hope that total recovery is possible (I hope soon). I also plan to start taking the Tylenol arthritis pain pill samples today, then maybe I can go grocery shopping. I wish I had come in for x-rays right away – instead of enduring the severe pain for weeks. If I have pain like this ever again I will come in for another c. shot a.s.a.p.!!! Take care and many thanks once again for lifting my spirits and helping me get much needed relief from chronic pain… Peace and joy — Joan G.

My Dear: I always think of you. I ask Our Lord to repay you – bless you for all your many kindnesses to me. Know that you and yours are special to my heart! Love, prayers — Immaculee

Dear Mary Jo: Thank you very much for allowing me to work with you again this semester. I have enjoyed improving my orthopedic assessment skills that I will be able to take with me moving forward in my career. I have also enjoyed watching you interact with patients and hope I shall one day have your ease and expertise. Thank you very much again. Sincerely — Brittany K.

June, 2013 — Dear Mary Jo H: I just want you to know that your thoughtfulness is warmly appreciated. — Andrea

May, 2014 — Dear Mary Jo: Thank you for taking the time to explain my husband’s pet scan results and for getting him in so quickly for a shot. You were so kind to ask how I was doing. There is a difficult road ahead. It helps to have caring people. Thanks again for your compassion. — Karen R.

February, 2015 — For always being kind, thoughtful and a great listener you recognized I had a larger problem then diagnosed. I had a microdiscectomy on 2/6/15 by Dr. Dabbah. Doing Great. Forever Thankful. — Dexter F.

Dear Mary Jo: Taking the time to thank you for directing me to the proper place for my buttock pain. Your injections take care of a lot of it – my knees are fine, I can walk around shopping and cleaning my house, which I could not do before. So again thanks! I consider you a friend, more than my knee specialist. Thank you for everything you do. — Dolores C.

Dear Ms. Holloran: Want to let you know that my hip feels great! Bursitis is gone… at least for now. Thank you for helping me and all the help you give to others! Have a good summer! — Harriet H.

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