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Testimonials for Dr. David F. Dalury

Average Rating: 4.8 stars (based on 38 ratings)

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Best Hip and Knee Replacement Dr. of All Time

Dr Dulary is the absolute best orthopedic Dr of all time. He has replaced my hip and knee. Wonderful staff, couldn’t ask for a better experience .

August 11, 2022
Ed W.

Awesome Doctor

I had both my knees replaced by Dr David Dalury. It has been a good while since I had them done. 1 approx 8 years and the other 1
5 years ago. I am always asked by people who see me walking so well who did your knees. I tell them the best doctor ever Dr.David Dalury. I think he is absolutely the best. THANK YOU DR.DALURY@.UMMCST JOES.

July 14, 2022
Janice H

Miracle Worker (Hip Replacement)

I’ve been seeing Dr. Dalury for several years now. He replaced both of my hips (several years apart) and is a true miracle worker !! Not only is he an outstanding surgeon, but his bedside manner is remarkable! Such a kind man with an outstanding staff ! I highly recommend him and his staff to anyone needing some assistance has hip or knee issues.

April 24, 2022
Google User

Treated Me Like a Friend

TOA staff are wonderful! Dr. Dalury spent a good amount of time answering all of my questions and did not rush me along. I appreciate that he treated me like a friend.
Thank you Sir!

March 30, 2022
Gregory K.

Wonderful doctor and team! Hip hip hooray😉

I had both hips replaced by Dr. Dalury as soon as elective surgeries were opened up during Covid. My rt. hip done July 2020,and left one done 4 months later. My recovery was quick. I am now totally pain free, walking 2 miles per day, down 15 pounds, and am delighted at how my flexibility is so improved. I was bone on bone by the way. Thank you Dr.Dalury and Mike Miller! The nursing team on the Ortho floor at St. Josephs is the best!

March 10, 2022
Lenora F.

Dr. Dalury is the Best (Knee Replacement)

Hands down, Dr. Dalury is the best. I’ve had knee problems all my life resulting in numerous surgeries. My case was not an easy one, yet Dr. Dalury willingly took on the challenge. He performed my knee replacement surgeries in May 2007, and I’ve seen him every 3 years since then for regular check-ups. To say he changed my life is an understatement. Prior to my knee replacements I couldn’t walk beyond a tenth of a mile without extreme pain and the fear my knees would give out on me. Now walking 2-1/2 miles is nothing, and I do it at least 5-6 times a week without fear. Also, exercising regularyly has helped me to ward off diabetes and heart disease, two conditions that run in my family. Not only did Dr. Dalury give me 2 new knees, he also gave me good health in the process. I will be forever grateful

February 22, 2022
Eugenia B.


Over the last few years I’ve had right hip and both knees replaced by Dr. Dalury. Long distances and steps are now easily accomplished! Yay and thank you!

January 21, 2022

Dr Dalury’s Office Really Cares

I am 4 weeks after my second knee replacement and had a concern. I had immediate response on a Sunday and Mike came into office just for me. Thank you is not [enough] to say for this Dalury team. Julie was always available and very kind and lead the way for me. It would be my pleasure to let you how wonderful this team is if you had any questions. So thankful for Dr Dalury and his team in Towson

January 3, 2022
Barbara A.