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Testimonials for Dr. Michael J. Marion

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Fixed My Carpal Tunnel

Over the last 10 years Dr. Marion has fixed my carpal tunnel issues in both hands and my right wrist/thumb. He literately has given part of my life back to me. I can’t thank him enough.

August 15, 2022
Stephen F

Kind and Calming

Dr. Marion has a kind and calming demeanor. He clearly explained my diagnosis, what it meant, what surgery would entail, and recovery. He was very patient and answered all of my questions – even the dumb ones 🙂

July 25, 2022
Melissa N.

Fantastic Outcome – Carpal Tunnel & Osteoarthritis Treatment

Dr. Marion has treated me for carpal tunnel on both wrist and the outcome was fantastic! That was over 3 years ago and no regrets.
Just recently I was suffering with severe osteoarthritis in my right wrist. The pain was so bad it felt like at times someone was driving a spike into it. He recommended bone fusion. And sent me for another opinion. It was recommended that the procedure would relieve my pain.
Dr Marion did the fusion in Oct of 2021 I was casted for a while and the pain was almost gone in the first week! It wasn’t long before I was back to normal with little compromise of dexterity!!!
I wouldn’t hesitate to have Dr. Marion do it again if I needed it!!!!
Thanks again Dr Marion!!!

March 14, 2022
Joel R.

Very Pleased

The office was very efficient with my time and their services. Appointments went smoothly. Operations have been successful. My recovery has been closely followed up by the staff and post operation appointments. I am very pleased.

February 28, 2022
Duane A.

Dr. Marion is an amazing healer

My right wrist was completely shattered. My livelihood and hobbies all depended on the use of my hand, I’d never had a major surgery and I was terrified. Dr. Marion was incredibly professional and kept me completely in the loop with every step. The occupational therapy at Towson was also great.

April 15, 2021
Spencer F

Very Caring

Dr Marion has treated my hands several times. He has been very caring and explains every thing he is doing and what is going on with my hands.

March 23, 2021
Melda C.

Can’t Recommend Him Enough!

Had an appointment with Dr Marion. Can’t recommend him enough!

December 21, 2020
Kathie R.

Repaired Another’s Mistake

In January of 2000, I was injured at work and my left wrist was broken in 13 places. As a result, I was equipped with hardware I refer to as a “suitcase handle” at a hospital in Harford County.

Fast-forward to when, after several attempts to make adjustments to the hardware and causing unmentionable pain, that doctor referred me to Dr Michael J Marion. Thanks to Doctor Marion and the staff at St Joseph’s Hospital I came away pain free and was released for return to work 6 months ahead of schedule.

Here it is 20 years later and I have never had any complications or discomfort, and enjoy full freedom of movement with screws and plates still installed.

Many thanks to Dr Michael J Marion and the staff.

May 12, 2020
Rex P.