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Dr. Scott Tarantino is excellent. Handled my son’s broken ankle through surgery and rehabilitation.
Most highly recommended.

October 31, 2021
Dan T.

There needs to be more doctors like Dr. Tarantino. I suffered a torn ACL and my knee feels fantastic 6 months out of surgery. He also went the extra mile by suturing my medial and lateral meniscus back together when they didn’t necessarily need that, but it would allow them to heal quicker. He is extremely flexible with seeing patients and didn’t clear me to participate in 5K races until I was 6 months out because he’s found that if you get cleared before that, the likelihood of a re-tear is higher. I love how he explained his reasons for doing things during surgery, and he always answered the numerous questions that I had, and there were many, without hesitation. Dr. Tarantino is an outstanding surgeon and a great man, too. If I ever need to have another surgery, I will go to him again and again. I STRONGLY recommend Dr Scott Tarantino!!

October 31, 2021
Bryan M.

Scott replaced my knees 5 years ago. They are still going great and he did such a great job. I feel like I am 20 years younger. Thank you Scott! You are tops.

October 31, 2021
Boyd W.

Dear Dr. Tarantino, Thank you for allowing me to express my concerns during my visit yesterday.Though you did not have the answer that I wanted to hear(I wanted my knee surgically repaired back to its normal state)you allowed me to explain my thoughts and the reasons for them and provided me with explanations for yours.Taking the time to do this meant so very much to me.God Bless, Debra R., LPN

October 31, 2021
Debra R.

This was the best ever experience for having total knee replacement. Dr. Tarantino was very clear, detail oriented in how surgery was to be done and what the follow up would be. He was very attentive to me during the follow up as well. Would highly recommend.

October 31, 2021
Donna W.

I had a torn meniscus in my left knee and Dr. Tarantino repaired that with minimally invasive surgery back in January 2014. That process was awesome, between Dr. Tarantino, his fellow, Ben Gardner, and the staff at St. Joseph Hospital Center. When it came time in January of 2020 for my Total Knee Replacement, there was no doubt in my mind where I was going…Dr. T!!! He has a wonderful bedside manner, explains every detail so you know exactly what is going on, and he doesn’t rush through your visit. I felt, as his patient, highly valued and as if I am the only one in the office! In this day and time, that is really something!! My experience for my TKR, from Nikki in his office, to the Orthopedic Pre-Surgical class at St. Joe, to the fabulous care by the staff at St. Joe, and Dr. Tarantino and Ben Gardner’s “pain protocol” was amazing!!!! If you follow the protocol to the letter, it will significantly reduce your pain levels and allow you to do the PT required to recover. I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Tarantino, Ben Gardner, and the staff at Towson Orthopaedic Associates!!

May 12, 2021

Dr. Scott Tarantino is the best! He didn’t replace my knee, he fixed it. He did say I my need a replacement in the future, but I’m very happy with my surgery. Great surgery. Fell asleep, woke up, went home. Doesn’t get any better than that! Great team!

December 21, 2020
Robert M.

Just had a TKR done by Dr. Scott Tarantino at St. Joseph’s Medical Center. What a fantastic group of physicians and associates! Dr. Tarantino came highly recommended by my brother (had a total knee replacement 7 years ago), and I am, without a doubt, glad that I went to see Dr. Tarantino back in December 2015! Although, I’m 2 weeks post op now, my knee is already feeling stronger and more supportive than it has been for a long, long time! My entire surgical experience has been awesome thanks to Towson Orthopedics and Associates! Thank you so much!!! I’m going to need to have my other knee replaced sometime soon, and am definitively having Dr. Tarantino, and the same medical professionals get me through the operative experience.
Also, the pre operative joint class is highly recommended to prepare you for your surgical hospitalization experience. Good job everyone, and thanks again!

December 21, 2020
Emily Guy

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