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Testimonials for Dr. Todd J. Tredinnick

Average Rating: 5.0 stars (based on 18 ratings)

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Awesome Care

Dr Tredinnick was awesome, extreme care to listen to my concerns, Obvious expertise, Resolved my issues after 3 visits.

June 27, 2021
Doug W.

Frozen Shoulder

I went to see Dr. Tredinnick for a frozen shoulder. He was very understanding and caring. Thanks to Dr. Tredinnick my shoulder is healing better than I could have expected. I hope that I never have another frozen shoulder but if I do, I know I’ll call Dr. Tredinnick for treatment and advice. L. Butler

May 30, 2021
L. Butler

Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement

First: Dr Tredinnick was very patient and took all tests and precautions to determine the extent of damage to my shoulder. Therapy, exercise, and rehab proved to painful due to the extent of damage.
Due to my age and tendon damage I was referred to his partner Dr Shiu to consider reverse total shoulder replacement. That surgery took place a little over one year ago. With covid concerns driving decisions I decided to rehab and exercise on my own after Dr Shiu provided all of the exercise routines. Progress has been slow but steady. This ordeal started in November 2019 and today I am in MUCH better shape than I was back them. Range of motion and strength are steadily progressing.
I am 100% satisfied with the evaluation and courses of action taken by this medical team. I recommend them.

April 1, 2021
Larry B.

Shoulder Surgery-Wonderful Outcome

I had shoulder surgery done by Dr. Todd Tredinnick, my outcome was wonderful. I had gone to another surgeon and he told me the damage was too great ,and he wouldn’t do the surgery!
Dr. Tredinnick said he could probably fix my shoulder, gave me a 50% chance , I took that chance, and I am happy with the result.
As for the office personal, they were always kind and helpful.

October 25, 2019
Maryellen N.

Dr. Tredinnick is the Best for Knee Pain

I’ve been seeing Dr. Tredinnick for several years for knee pain. Dr. Tredinnick makes me feel relaxed and comfortable. He is gentle, knowledgeable, and very caring. He answers every question and never makes me feel rushed. The thought of a knee injection gave me more anxiety, but it’s pain free with Dr. Tredinnick. I love Dr. Tredinnick and pray he never moves away or retires. I highly recommend him to everyone I know. He is the best!!!

March 11, 2021
Debbie N.

Outstanding Care

First let me say I have never taken the time to leave a review for anything. However, I feel such outstanding care deserves my time. Dr. Todd Tredinnick has been providing me orthopedic care for several years now. He performed surgery on my left shoulder several years ago and the results have been excellent. I am a very active person and his care has allowed me to continue my active lifestyle. He is not only professional and outstanding in his field, but truly cares about his patients as well. Dr. Tredinnick has provided care for my Mom, sister, aunt, and numerous friends. I cannot recommend him highly enough!

December 30, 2020
Jeffrey M

Bicep Tenodesis

I had a bicep tenodesis on [date] 2016. Dr. Tredinnick and his team were fantastic during the day of the operation. He has been honest, thorough, and very detailed through the whole process. He has been such an integral part in helping me find out what’s causing pain in my arm/shoulder.

August 22, 2016
Michelle H.

Great Doctor

Great doctor. Great experience

October 6, 2020
Debbie K.


Excellence in every way!

January 6, 2020
Doug W.

He is the BEST!!!

If it were possible to give more stars to Dr. Tredinnick I would. He truly deserves them. He is the BEST!!! Thank You, C.D.Rutherford

October 7, 2019
C. Rutherford

Talented, Professional, Personal

Several of my family members have been treated by Dr. Tredinnick as well as fellow athletes. So when I required ACL surgery, prior to beginning my commitment to play division 1 lacrosse, I followed advise and went to him. As a minor, he was very conscious of making sure I understood every aspect of my health and he discussed his recommendations with me as well as my parents. He did not treat me like a number, his decisions were for my best interest not just to get me back on the field quickly, but to have a healthy knee for the next 70 years. On his advise we chose a surgery that took longer for the initial recovery but it also has better long term results. He is cautious, requiring me to wear a brace when I was on the field months longer than other athletes with different surgeons. My repaired knee tested stronger than my good knee 1 year post surgery. 3 years later I tour the other ACL while playing lacrosse at school. My experience with my second surgery confirmed my belief that anyone who is treated by Dr. Tredinnick is lucky to have him on your team! I highly recommend him!

July 8, 2020
J. B.

Dr. Tredinnick

Dr. Tredinnick did a tremendous rotator cuff surgery and consultation that got me back to normal in short order. Hats off to him and I highly recommend him.

June 29, 2020
Doug P.

Love Dr. Tredinnick

Dr. Tredinnick operated on my shoulder in 2007. Not only is he a great surgeon, his bedside manner is beyond reproach! Such a wonderful person and surgeon. They just don’t get any better than him. I highly recommend him.

December 5, 2019
Victoria L.

Dr. Tredinnick is the BEST!

If it were possible to give more stars to Dr. Tredinnick I would. He truly deserves them. He is the BEST!!!

Thank You,

October 7, 2019


I have been going to towson orthopedic for year and Dr Todd Tredinnick has done both of my surgery.

March 17, 2016
Ray F.

Back At It

Had a horrible should injury and never thought I’d work again, 6 months later I was back at it!

April 5, 2018
Kevin K

Feels Great

Dr. Tredinnick: It feels great not to have that constant pain in my right shoulder/arm area. I’m able to put on T-shirts, and turtlenecks again. I’m still working on the strength exercises and how far up the back my right arm can go. Thank you very much.

November 14, 2019
Carol K.

Wonderful Job

Dr. Tredinnick: Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did with Chris’ shoulder. He has no pain and his recovery has been great. This has probably been one of his best years in baseball — Thank you

November 14, 2019

Thoughtful and Extremely Skilled Doctor

Dear Dr. Tredinnick: My husband and I would like to thank you for the fantastic work you did in putting my ankle back together. Everyone is apprehensive when coming in through the ER – but we were very grateful to have you on call that night. You made us know that all would be well again. Through the surgery, casts and now boot (yeah) we are so pleased. Thank you for being the thoughtful and extremely skilled doctor that you are.

November 14, 2019
Skip & Sharon H.

Honest, Thorough, and Very Detailed

Dr. Tredinnick: (5-Stars) I had a bicep tenodesis. Dr. Tredinnick and his team were fantastic during the day of the operation. He has been honest, thorough, and very detailed through the whole process. He has been such an integral part in helping me find out what’s causing pain in my arm/shoulder.

November 14, 2019
Michelle H.

Dr. Tredinnick is a Magician!

He’s given me two shots in my knee in the past year. He’s friendly and knows what he’s doing. I’ve been to doctors who are horrible at giving shots. Dr. Tredinnick is a magician.

June 15, 2019
Dorene S.

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