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TOA and TSM Ready for 2015-2016 High School Athletic Season

Dr. C treats injured football player on sidelineTowson Orthopaedic Associates and Towson Sports Medicine have teamed up to keep Baltimore City, Baltimore County, and Harford County schools at the top of their game!

Each year schools and athletic organizations count on TOA physicians and TSM certified athletic trainers for their injury care.

2015-2016 is shaping up to be the biggest year ever, as we have expanded our schools.

Call us at 410-337-7900 for more information.

Baltimore County Public Schools:

Dulaney High School-Dr. Scott Tarantino and Bryan Read, ATC

Hereford High School-Dr. Teri McCambridge and Dr. Scott Tarantino

Loch Raven High School

Parkville High School-Dr. Teri McCambridge and Dr. Alvin Detterline

Perry Hall High School-Dr. Scott Tarantino

Towson High School-Dr. Scott Tarantino and Michelle McGehee, ATC

Dr. Detterline speaks to track coach at Calvert HallBaltimore City Public Schools:

Dunbar High School-Dr. William Howard

MIAA/IAAM Private Schools:

Calvert Hall College-Dr. Alvin Detterline

Concordia Preparatory School-Brian Perez, ATC, Dr. Teri McCambridge and Dr. Frank Catanzariti

Friends School-Dr. Teri McCambridge

Garrison Forest School-Dr. Teri McCambridge

Gilman School-Dr. William Howard

McDonogh School-Dr. Richard Winakur

Maryvale Preparatory School-Dr. Teri McCambridge and Elizabeth Fioretti, ATC

Mercy High School-Dr. Teri McCambridge and Dr. Alvin Detterline and Jenna Sullivan, ATC

St. Pauls School for Girls-Dr. Teri McCambridge

Harford County Schools:

Edgewood High School-Dr. William Howard

BelAir High School-Dr. Todd Tredinnick

Fallston High School-Dr. Mark Clough

Harford Community College:

Dr. Todd Tredinnick

Organizations and Sports Clubs:

Rebounders Gymnastics-Dr. Teri McCambridge

United Gymnastics-Dr. Teri McCambridge

Towson Spartans Youth Football Club-Dr. Teri McCambridge

Breakers Lacrosse

Greene Turtle Lacrosse

Aloha Tournaments

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