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ATTUNE Knee Replacement: Living With Severe Knee Pain?

Thanks to a New Knee Replacement Option, Rebecca Is Not

Woman playing with grandchilden following knee surgery

September 2014 – A knee replacement can be a life-changing procedure, freeing patients from pain that has dominated their daily life. Rebecca, 68, of Baltimore, MD, is an interior designer who loves to garden and play with her grandchildren, but her life was put on hold because of severe knee osteoarthritis.

For years, Rebecca put up with her knee pain but after it caused her to crawl up her driveway one morning after getting the newspaper, her orthopaedic surgeon recommended that both of her knees be replaced. Here, Rebecca and her physical therapist, Christina Lewis, discuss Rebecca’s experience. How did knee pain impact your everyday life? Rebecca: “The pain dominated so many aspects of my life. I had pain when standing for an extended period of time, so I would plan shorter visits with my clients. At home, I had trouble getting my grandchildren in and out of their car seats. The pain just worsened and became more debilitating. There came a point when I said to my doctor, ‘I just want my life back.”

Read More about how a knee replacement gave Rebecca her life back.

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